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Is Deep Tissue Massage What Your Muscles Need?

Work-life can be very stressful. Endless hours of sitting in one position, long meetings, site inspections, and other stressful events at work can strain a person physically and mentally. A deep tissue massage is the best solution for individuals who experience strains in their muscles. Dubai is busy with many activities, adventures, and events happening regularly. Minor strains or injuries can be a part of when you actively participate in such events. A deep tissue massage Abu Dhabi is necessary to heal the injuries and relax the tensed muscles.

Deep tissue massage helps relax the body as the massage is more focused on releasing the knots in the muscles. Any strains and muscle pull experienced in the muscles can be healed with the help of this massage. It is a very common massage taken by the people involved in sports or who work out extensively.

This blog will share all the details you need to know about deep tissue massage.

A Brief Introduction To Deep Tissue Massage

When you step into any spa and see the deep tissue massage listed on the menu, you must try this massage. It is a therapeutic massage that will leave your body muscles relaxed to the core giving you intense relief from pain experienced due to heavy lifting or past injuries. During this massage, the masseuse will apply slow pressure in strokes on the muscles. These strokes reduce the tension from the muscles as they target the inner and connective layers of the muscles.

How You Benefit From Deep Tissue Massage?

If you think deep tissue massage can only benefit your body well, you must think twice. This profound therapy can have a tremendous benefit on the mind as well.

Eases Stress

One of the significant health issues is stress. Stress can have a very negative impact on a person’s body and mind. Hence as much as possible, one must stay free from stress. Although we all know it is not entirely possible to eradicate stress from one’s life, we can do deep tissue massage to calm our senses and muscles, thereby controlling the level of stress.

Reduces Chronic Pain

The pain that one experiences is the pain caused by our past injuries. It implies accidental falls or sports injuries. Such chronic pain intensifies in the cold weather, making movement difficult and sometimes even unbearable. The deep strokes applied on the inner layer of the muscles relaxed the nerves, thereby causing relief to the muscles. Deep tissue massage has 80% shown effectiveness in reducing chronic pain. However, one must take medical advice for significant injuries before heading to the spa for this massage.

Improves Blood Pressure and Heart Rate

A recent study shows that most deaths are due to heart conditions. Blood pressure is one of those conditions that affect many lives. However, it is a vast topic of discussion; one must take utmost care for those suffering from high or low blood pressure. But if you are looking to improve your blood flow and improve your systolic and artery pressure, it is best to try the deep tissue massage.

Improves Conditions Like Arthritis

Many people complain of pain in their joints. It is a pain caused by arthritis. Stiffness of the joints and restricted movement can come in the way of your daily chores. It primarily occurs under cold weather conditions. Applying deep tissue massage can prove effective. The masseuse uses pressure on the muscles, relieving them from this painful joint condition.

It Helps Cure Injured Muscles

Deep tissue massage is often well known among athletes and sports enthusiasts. Pain and injuries caused on the field are treated by applying this massage. When the masseuse uses pressure on the muscles or affected area, the tight or entangled muscles will loosen up, giving quick relief and also reducing soreness caused due to the strain.


Overall it is a massage with ample benefits. If you wish to experience all the benefits listed below, head to European massage center in Abu Dhabi and treat yourself with Deep tissue massage.